Goodbye, Apathy.

Feb 4, 2017
During the course of a day, I’ll often find myself find myself glued to my phone, staring off into space, or just flat-out falling asleep in the middle of something I probably shouldn’t be falling asleep during.

I like to associate this with a lack of sleep and being on-the-go a whole lot, which in all honesty, probably has a lot to do with it. I average around 5 1/2-6 hours of sleep a night, which isn’t very good at all. But lately I’ve been thinking more and more about this for some reason, and I realize I can’t just place all of the blame on not getting enough sleep.

That’s where the word “apathy” comes into play. A lot of people may not know what that word means. I didn’t, at least not until I heard a song by OneRepublic (one of my favorite bands for those who didn’t know) titled Goodbye, Apathy. 

Now, I don’t know exactly what the the songwriter was going for when he wrote the lyrics, because they could easily be translated to mean many things. But upon hearing the song, I looked up the word apathy in the dictionary and came up with this:



absence or suppression of passion, emotion, or excitement.

And then it hit me. 

I’m not tired. I’m not worn-out. I’m not exhausted or distracted.

I’m apathetic.

I go through days of life (which are gifts that none of us deserve) feeling like life is completely pointless and the world is ending. 

I’ll show no interest, enthusiasm, or concern for some of the greatest things that God has blessed me with. Things that are around me all the time that I fail to appreciate because of how apathetic I am.

And it really is a shame if you ask me. 

Luckily, I’ve identified the problem and mostly buried my apathy.

And now I see life in a whole new light. The smallest things that would’ve gone unnoticed now make me smile more. 

I open up more to people. 

I look to my left and right and acknowledge that I have some of the greatest friends on the face of the Earth. 

It may be hard to explain and I may sound like I am out of my mind right now. But hear me out.

I understand that being apathetic isn’t always an issue. When life is going rough and times get hard, apathy could definitely be used as a coping method to block out problems.

However, now that I’ve distanced myself from my own apathy, I am able to detect it more often in other people. And it really is painful to watch. 

You want to grab them by their shoulders and shake them, telling them to wake up. You want to tell them to stop walking around like zombies and take a look at all of the beauty that God has thrown into your life.

The problem is…people rarely know when they are being apathetic. 

Until my best friend started telling me that I looked upset all the time, that I constantly appeared “down in the dumps,” I had no idea what I was doing. 

It took someone else’s help to snap me out out of my apathy.

And the way I’m viewing life now is greater than I could have ever imagined.

I’m living everyday knowing I’m not guaranteed tomorrow.

I’m making sure to tell those closest to me how much they mean.

I’m looking around and taking everything in as it happens, so as the high school chapter of my life ends, I can look back later on and say, “wow, I really made the most of that time period.”

So to anyone who is reading this and thinking they may be slightly apathetic in their approach to life, I encourage you to take a step back, and look around.

Think to yourself about the people you know. Think about the mentors in your life, the friendships you’ve made, the love you’ve been shown, the places you’ve been. 

Just think about the place you are now. Think about all the places you could be that would be so much worse. 

Realize that life is good. Don’t be ashamed to enjoy the little things that mean more to you than other people. Smile through the good times, and cry through the pain.

But most importantly, don’t let time slip away from you. 

You will eventually get older. It’s going to happen, whether you like it or not. And you’re either going to look back at this point in your life and say, “I made the most of every second I was given” or you’re going to wish for another chance to go back and do it all over again, this time without being so apathetic in your day-to-day walk.
It’s important to make the most of the time you have. So wake up. Look around and start living life. Appreciate everything. The people around you will start to notice your newfound positive attitude. 

It only requires two words. Two simple words that can change your world.

Goodbye, Apathy.

-Trey Stewart


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